I tried being productive with smartphones but I love computers more

June 19, 2023 (updated July 6, 2023)

I love computers. I love sitting in front of the large display. I love typing on the full-featured keyboard. I love having multiple windows on the screen and switching between them. I love dealing directly with files. Create them, delete them, and know where they are on my file system. I love to install whatever software I want and use it to process my files.

On the other hand, there are smartphones. Don’t get me wrong; smartphones are cool too. But I didn’t manage to use them productively. Doing something serious on a tiny display with one hand always feels subtly wrong, uncomfortable, and ephemeral, even in gaming. I have often tried somehow to introduce smartphones into my daily life and work because they are modern and mobile, but it has always been a disappointment. It’s time to admit that I just love computers more.